‘No Tinc Por’ August 2017

Thursday 17th, early evening, we went for a walk down les Ramblas, of Barcelona, to pay homage to the victims of the attack which had taken place exactly a week before. There was a peculiar ambience, contrasting a deep melancholic sadness of the mourners with others going about their business normally. All the way down…

Referendum 1-O Vilafranca del Penedès

You may have seen images and videos of violence against voters in the bigger cities, but in smaller towns like Vilafranca del Penedès the confrontations between voters and the authorities hasn’t arrived. Thanks to Scotland for providing the rainy weather as an act of solidarity.

‘No Tinc Por’ August 2017

The ‘No tinc por’ (I am not afraid) rally was a day to show respect for the victims of the ‘les Ramblas’ attack and gratitude to the services that keep us safe every day. 500,000 were reported to have turned out for the event. The people of Catalonia expressed their solidarity to all victims of…

Aftermath at Reclaim Photo Festival 2017

Four of my pictures – second vertical row – 2nd from the left – from the – –  Aftermath – series at the Reclaim Photo Festival – in Wolverhampton –